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Building CodeLite from sources


  • Install compiler and other required tools (git etc) as described here
  • Build wxWidgets from sources. See build instructions here
  • Clone CodeLite sources:
git clone
cd codelite
git submodule update --init
  • Download and install CodeLite for Windows (64 bit) from our Download Page
  • Open the workspace CodeLiteIDE.workspace (located in the CodeLite's folder)
  • Make sure that the project CodeLiteIDE is selected (the active project uses bold font)
  • Select the Win_x64_Release build configuration and click F7
  • When the compilation is over, close the workspace
  • Close CodeLite
  • To update your installation with the new CodeLite, close CodeLite and from a cmd.exe window (opened as Administrator), navigate to codelite-sources/Runtime/ and run the file update64.bat


  • To build CodeLite on your computer you will first need to Build wxWidgets from sources
  • Install libssh-dev and libsqlite3-dev packages (or similar, depending on your distro). On Ubuntu / Debian, you can use this command:
    sudo apt install build-essential            \
                     git cmake                  \
                     libssh-dev libsqlite3-dev  \
  • Git clone the sources:
    git clone
    cd codelite
    git submodule update --init
  • Build CodeLite:
 cd codelite
 mkdir build-release
 cd build-release
 make -j$(nproc)
 sudo make install



  • wxWidgets 3.1 or later
  • CMake
  • Git
  • Xcode
  • Xcode command-line tools
  • Homebrew


  • (Optional) Make a separate folder for building if you want to get rid of all except the .app file after building
  • Install Xcode from Mac App Store
  • Install Xcode command-line tools: xcode-select --install (or you can type clang from the command line and if it is missing you will be prompted to install it)
  • Install Homebrew:
 ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Install the required libraries:
brew update
brew install git \
             cmake \
             libssh \
  • Usually, brew will install everything under /opt/homebrew, so run this from the terminal:
echo 'export PATH=/opt/homebrew/bin:$PATH' >> $HOME/.$(basename $SHELL)rc
source $HOME/.$(basename $SHELL)rc
    mkdir -p $HOME/src
    cd $HOME/src
    git clone
    cd codelite
    git submodule update --init

    # build CodeLite release configuration
    mkdir build-release
    cd build-release
    cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
    cmake --build . -j $(sysctl -n hw.physicalcpu)
    cmake --build . --target install

You should now have an app bundle $HOME/src/codelite/build-release/

To launch CodeLite:

  • open $HOME/src/codelite/build-release/