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Look and feel


In addition to the built-in themes, you can add new themes.

Installing new themes

CodeLite support 3 types of theme formats:


VSCode theme creators usually are using JSONC (JSON with comments), which is not supported by CodeLite You will need to strip the comments in order to import it into CodeLite

To install a new theme:

  • Download the theme file that you want to use and save it locally

    • For VSCode, the expected format is JSON
    • For eclipse theme, the expected format is XML
    • For Alacritty theme, the expected format is YAML
  • From the menu bar, go to SettingsColours and Fonts...

  • Click the Import toolbar button

Install it

  • If the import was successful, a notification message will be shown
  • You can now select your new theme from the drop down box

Tab Control Visualisation

On some platforms (Windows & macOS) CodeLite offers to ability to change the appearance of the tab control, as well as their height and orientation

  1. From the SettingsPreferences dialog, select the Windows & Tabs entry
  2. Under the Tabs section, you can change the following:
    • Tab style
    • Tab height
    • Active tab marker colour
    • Workspace view tabs orientation
    • Output view tabs orientation
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