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Look and feel


CodeLite comes pre installed with the following list of themes:

  • Light themes:
    • Atom one light
    • Classic eclipse
    • Default
    • Roboticket
  • Dark themes:
    • Gedit original oblivion
    • Inkpot
    • Monoaki Soda v3
    • Monoaki_2
    • Oblivion
    • Obsidian
    • One dark like
    • Pastel
    • RecognEyes
    • Retta light
    • Tomorrow Night
    • Wombat-redux
    • Zenburn

You can switch between themes (or preview a theme) from: SettingsColours and fonts

Installing new themes

  • Visit the Eclipse Colour Themes web site and search for a theme that you like
  • Click on the theme that you want to install and download its XML format from the website:

Download XML

  • Open the Colours and fonts dialog from: SettingsColours and fonts
  • Click on the eclipse button, select the XML file you just downloaded and click OK:

Install it

  • Congratulation, you have just installed a new theme!

Tab Control Visualisation

On some platforms (Windows & macOS) CodeLite offers to ability to change the appearance of the tab control, as well as their height and orientation

  1. From the SettingsPreferences dialog, select the Windows & Tabs entry
  2. Under the Tabs section, you can change the following:
    • Tab style
    • Tab height
    • Active tab marker colour
    • Workspace view tabs orientation
    • Output view tabs orientation