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CodeLite 17.0.0


As always, all downloads are available through our download page

Bug fixes



  • Keyboard shortcuts dialog: let user the shortcuts using either the Ctrl or Cmd keys


  • CodeLite is now using native dark mode (restart required between appearance changes)
  • Attempt to locate MSYS2 installation folder by checking the register entries first

All platforms

  • Source code formatter: added support for cmake-format
  • CodeLite startup time improved
  • Windows: clangd version bumped to 14
  • Windows: CodeLite is now built with clang-14 toolchain on Windows
  • Windows: Installer now uses monolithic build of wxWidgets
  • Updated the Replace UI to fit the other controls
  • Preferences dialog has been re-written and now fits better on small screen, as a side bonus, it loads instantly
  • Reloading a file opened remotely, now loads it from the remote server ( Ctrl+R )
  • Language Server plugin: LSP server detection code improvements
  • Code Formatter plugin: the plugin was re-written. By default CodeLite now configure code formatters for:
    • C++ clang-format
    • JSON jq
    • XML xmllint
    • Rust rustfmt
    • PHP php-cs-fixer & phpcbf
    • Python black
  • Code Formatter plugin: support "Format On Save": the user can now configure that the editor will be formatted after a save operation
  • Code Formatter plugin: is now supporting invoking formatting on remote files opened via the Remoty plugin


  • Hidden folders are now displayed in the UI using gray text and disabled image
  • Remoty workspace tree view: added an option to copy a remote folder path
  • File system workspace tree view: the top level folder no longer displays the fullpath, but rather that last dir name
  • A modified tab now displays a round circle indicating that the file is modified
  • Windows: Upgraded to wxWidgets 3.2
  • Windows: CodeLite is now built with clang
  • All template files have been updated to use the dap - Debug Adapter Client by default
  • Welcome Page has been updated, mainly, the list of Recently opened workspaces now includes list of workspaces opened by other plugins (e.g. Remoty)

Debug Adapter Client

  • Since version 16.2.0, we introduced a new plugin: Debug Adapter Client - an implementation for the Debug Adapter Protocol. With this plugin, you can now debug, basically, any language.
  • CodeLite auto detects and configures lldb-vscode (an adapter for the excellent lldb debugger) and debugpy (python debugger)
  • The plugin supports the following views:
    • Call stack
    • Threads
    • Breakpoints (location & function based)
    • Local variables
    • Watches
    • Output pane
    • Module pane
    • Hover tips

Find in files

  • Speed improvement. For example, here is the outupt for searching for clCommandEvent in CodeLite sources:
  • Fixed: when starting the search by right clicking a tree item, the search folder is set to the selected folders
====== Number of files scanned: 3717, Matches found: 1015, elapsed time: 1.651 seconds ======
  • UI simplified
  • Added option for searching in:
    • Hidden folders (off by default)
    • Follow symbolic links (off by default)

Language Server Plugin ("code completion")

  • Added support for the Dart language (liuanlin-mx)
  • Code Completion Support for vim shortcut to page turning (Ctrl+N, Ctrl+P, or Ctrl+J, Ctrl+K) (liuanlin-mx)
  • Fixed Code completion dialog box not showing when cursor is at end of file (liuanlin-mx)


Themes & Colours

  • Added new themes:
    • Tokyo light
    • Tokyo dark
    • Tango dark
    • and others
  • C++ colouring: support colouring variables using a unique colour in addition to the classes, enums, structs etc

Remoty plugin

  • codelite-remote configuration lookup has been updated. See the plugin page doc
  • codelite-remote added support for environment variables
  • You can now edit the remote codelite-remote.json configuration file by right clicking on the top level folder of the workspace view
  • Support workspace reload
  • Remoty workspace view: added the following entries:
    • Edit codelite-remote.json
    • Close workspace
    • Reload workspace

Remoty Context Menu

Other changes

  • Windows: CodeLite is now built using CMake
  • macOS: codelite-terminal is no longr shipped with CodeLite
  • wxCrafter version is now the same version as CodeLite
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