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Configuring a new compiler

CodeLite makes use of an existing compiler by defining the compiler toolchain.

Automatic detection

To configure a new compiler and import it into CodeLite follow these simple steps:

  • From the menu bar, open: SettingsBuild Settings and click on the + button

New Compiler

  • A folder selection window will show
  • Navigate to your compiler bin folder and click Select Folder (or your platform equivalent button)

If a known compiler to CodeLite was found on that folder, CodeLite will configure it. A known compiler is one of the following:

  1. Any clang compiler
  2. Any gcc compiler
  3. Small number of VC compilers

Manually adding a compiler

In case that the above step did not work for you, you can configure the compiler manually.

  • While on the same dialogue, click the Copy button (as shown in the screenshot below) and fill information requested by CodeLite

Copy Compiler

New Compiler Dialog

New Compiler Entry

  • Update the various entries with the path to your actual tools located on your hard drive
  • Your compiler is now configured and you can use it in from your Project settings
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