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Customise keyboard shortcuts

  1. From the menu bar, click on SettingsKeyboard shortcuts
  2. Search the action that you want to assign / modify its keyboard shortcut


The search box accepts partial words separated by spaces for example: to assign keyboard shortcut for toggling the main tool bar, typing the following in the search box: bar too is enough

  1. Double click on the entry you want to modify and edit its
  2. Click OK and you are all set

Useful keyboard shortcuts

The table below lists a useful keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+P Goto anything. a convenient dialogue to replace the menu bar. All the menu bar actions are placed in this dialogue and can be activated without using the mosue
Ctrl+Shift+R Open a resource. a resource can be file, class, function, variable etc
Ctrl+Shift+O Show current file class layout
Ctrl+K If a text is selected in the editor, use this shortcut to find and select another match in the editor (so you will end of with two selections). You can then edit these selections simultaneously
Ctrl+Shift+K Similar to the above, but select all occurances in the editor instead of doing it incrementally
Ctrl+Shift+F Open the find in files dialogue
Ctrl+M Toggle all the panes
Ctrl+F11 Toggle the minimal view
Ctrl+` Toggle the output pane


There are many more useful keyboard shortcuts, you can view them all in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog

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