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Getting started

The setup wizard

When you start CodeLite for the first time, the setup wizard is loaded. The setup wizard allows you configure the following:

  • Development profile:
    • Default : everything is enabled
    • C/C++ development: CodeLite is tuned for C/C++ development, i.e. all non C/C++ plugins are disabled
    • Web Development: all non web related plugins are disabled
  • Setup compilers: CodeLite will attempt to detect all compilers installed on your computer and configure them
  • Customise colours: let you choose a colouring theme ([]you can change it later](settings/
  • Whitespace and indentation: basic editing configuration


You can always launch the setup wizard from main menu bar: HelpRun the setup wizard

hello world program

  1. Create an empty workspace: FileNewNew workspace and select C++
  2. On the next dialog, fill the Workspace path and Workspace Name properties
  3. Add a new project to the workspace: FileNewNew project
  4. Fill the dialog similar to the values shown below (your compiler name is probably different than the one shown on the below screenshot)

New Project Dialog

  1. Click the OK button
  2. CodeLite will generate a sample main.cpp file
  3. Click F7 to build the project or use the context menu as shown below:


  1. Click Ctrl+F5 to launch the program
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