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Environment variables

From SettingsEnvironment Variables you can define environment variables for CodeLite. These environment variables are not applied system wide and are only applied to processes launched by CodeLite (e.g. the build process, executing your program, opening a terminal etc)

Using pre-defined set

This method allows you to organize your environment variables in groups. You can select which set to use in the C++ workspace

To create a new set:

  1. Click on the New Set... button
  2. Give it a name and click OK

Setting global environment variables

Lets explain this with a simple example: You want to a add new environment name NEW_HOME pointing to a different location And in addition, you want to define another variable name ORIG_HOME pointing to the OS home directory.

For Linux, this translates into:


On Windows the syntax is the same, we just need to use the correct environment variable name (and use Windows backslash):



CodeLite uses the $ syntax on all platforms

Exporting environment variables

CodeLite offers the ability to export the environment variables defined here into an OS specific script (bat or .sh) by clicking on the Export button

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